Clipper Blade Sharpening Large and Small Animal Blades

All blades are sharpened by a Certified Master Sharpener


Blades are sharpened on Andis Factory Wheel

Blades are ready to be returned within 48 hrs most of the time

 Blade Sharpening Process

Clipper blades are disassembled and cleaned. 
Checked for any missing teeth on cutter & comb 
Checked to see if any parts need to be replaced 
Sharpened, cleaned, oiled, assembled, adjusted and tested for sharpness, blade drag and tension 
Blades are returned individual zip lock bag for storage 
Blade storage boxes are available good for shipping blades
Clipper blades are sharpened on hollow ground honing machine

Clipper Blade Maintenance

Clipper blades are the main tool of the animal groomer, here are a few suggestions on how to lengthen the life of the sharpening job. It only takes a few minutes to do but it will increase the use of the blade considerably.

At the end of each grooming day your blades will be covered with hair, pet dander and lubricant. Your blades need to be cleaned each day and this is why: 
Pet hair is thicker than human hair it will melt with extreme heat and the heat off your blades add in some oil and pet dander it becomes a slimy mess that will get under the cutter and comb of your blade.
Once the underside of your cutter gets contaminated with this dried slime it will raise the points of the cutter and start to snag hair or drag through the coat. If you do not clean your blades continually the blade will dull.

Cleaning the blades daily is simple 
Slide the cutter to one side and take a small brush and clean the cutter, comb and spring removing all hair, dander and oil. Slide the cutter to the other side and repeat process.
Note: Don't take blades apart to clean
Wipe the blade off as good as you can. Some groomers wash their blades in H-42 and blow dry. Other groomers might put the blade on a clipper and run it in a small pan of H-42 submerging only the blade. This technique cleans and lubes the blade everywhere. Wipe off blades. 
The last step is to apply a light coat of clipper oil. Sliding the cutter back and forth to apply oil, also apply oil to the top of the cutter where the spring makes contact. Now the blades are ready to use.

Blades that are not cleaned daily will acquire a reddish brownish film that is burnt across the cutting edges this is caused by moisture. Once this film is burnt to the cutting edges the only way to get it off is to have your blades sharpened. Also when blades start to drag that is another hint that they need sharpening. Also using a lot of LUBE can cause your blades to seize up. The cutter will not be able to move back and forth. Or cause dragging and could damage parts to your blade like the hinge or blade drive. Now you have the expense of having blades sharpened plus new parts from blades.
You will need a bowl, clipper with blade attached and H-42
Hold clipper with both hands and put just the blade into the H-42 far enough to cover the teeth. Turn the clipper on the motor Will start to gain rpms and there will be black gunk washed into the H-42 bowl. Hold it there until you feel the blade is clean enough then turn clipper off before pulling it out of solution.
Take the blade out of the solution of H-42 and wipe the blade on each side until it is dry the blade is now ready to use. 
Dirty Blades 
Blades that are not cleaned pick up moisture causing a red film to build up on the cutting surfaces. This moisture comes from the animals coat, humidity, matted hair and spray coolants. This build up cause tension between the blade and the cutter making it hard to move back and forth. Coated blades will cause the blades to bog down or cause the hinge, blade drive and front motor mount to fail. The debri causes the teeth of the cutter up from the comb and the blades starts to drag.

Blades not working 
When dull, no oil on blades, worn out, hinge not locking , too much hair or dirt between blades, spring not putting enough pressure on the top cutting blade

Blades are noisy 
When socket ears are spread to far apart, clipper blades not locking , no oil or screws are loose