Scissor Sharpening / Kitchen / Sewing / Household

At least once a year have your scissors sharpened by a Professional Sharpening Company

Kitchen Scissors

Perfect for a wide variety of kitchen duties, such as cutting various foods, clipping herbs or opening packaging.

A left of right-handed set of kitchen shears, with hardened or high-carbon stainless steel blades, offer a smooth and exact cutting action for all types of food preparation, such as raw or cooked meats, shredding salad, vegetables, fish, and fruits, as well as cardboard, paper, twine, flowers, and even carpet.

An all-purpose pair of kitchen shears comes with such functions as a bone and twig cutter, jar-lid gripper and opener, screwdriver, bottle opener, herb stripper and a nutcracker, as well as the sharpened serrated blade edge for a distinctive, precise, and slip proof cut.

Household Scissor

Designed for multiple uses around the house

Sewing Tailoring Scissors

Scissors designed mainly for this purpose from very small tread cutting to large pattern cutting

Pinking Shears

Not all pinking shears can we resharpen in most cases it's not a problem,  but if the lap lines are worn down they may not take to a new sharpening. We will contact you if this is the case.

All of the scissor we sharpen are tested with the correct material prior to sending back.



Kitchen / Household / Farm / General Scissor Samples

Taloring / Sewing

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